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In today’s competitive business world, well-thought technology is one of the advantages every business owner strives to get. Our mission is to provide our clients with the quality technological tools necessary to achieve their ambitions.

We have all the tools and skills to succeed:

  • Carefully selected skilled staff
  • Constant attention to trends and updates in the field
  • Excellent customer service
  • Powerful technological innovation behind every project

With years of accomplishment under our belt, we are in constant growth and harness our expertise and new technology to achieve many more great things. 

Make a difference: join us!

Our vision is the one of innovative improvement. Just as one can self-improve through education or training, a business can reach a totally new level when choosing the path of technological innovation. 

We believe sometimes moving to a place that will nurture and utilize our clients’ full potential will bring them the bliss they have yet to find through other means. 

We believe that a tailored software solution helps our clients to release their full potential. The satisfaction of many clients proves us right.

For this purpose, we harnessed the most innovative technology, experience and knowledge of our team, and are very proud of the accomplished company we’ve become. Behind every project, there is a strong system and an expert team producing excellent results. 

Also, we are proud of the remarkable communication skills of our team. We’ve proven that the staff members of Callisto are great listeners: they are trained to hear every client and evaluate their individual needs, in order to find the best personalized solution for each client’s goals. Calling them “experts” would not be an overstatement.

Thanks to years of experience, our company has gathered plenty of knowledge and expertise to ensure that our clients enjoy the top-quality solutions, services and resources they need. The success of our clients is the top priority, deeply rooted in our company values.

Our value is manifold: 

  • Carefully selected skilled staff
  • Comprehensive training 
  • Round the clock availability
  • Efficient worldwide service
  • A variety of services to match all clients’ needs
  • Innovation and quality.

No wonder our clients’ reviews are filled with praises. No wonder Callisto is constantly growing. This is definitely the place to be!

What makes us unique


Why should you work here when opportunities are abundant out there?

Because you want to

It's not very complicated. We can offer you a great place to work but we only want the best for our team.

Because we care for our people

You won't find a more nurturing work environment than what you'll find here. You will truly feel at home among us.

Because fun

You heard us. Because fun. We have it, you want to have it too. What is there to think about? Check out our Careers page and let's get going!
Our Team

our fearless leaders

Steering our ship with courage and strength, they keep the company growing.

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Our staff talks

Our valuable staff is here to describe their experience of working here at Callisto. Real stories from the people you could meet around the office if you decide to join our family.