Callisto is hiring agents for our English Sales Desk. We have an offer you can’t refuse.

Because you won’t like working here. You’ll love it! 

So read more about the position and ask yourself one question, punk:

Do you have what it takes to be one of us?

Do it. We dare ya. 

  • Speak English at an S.A.T quiz-master level
  • Have used a computer at least once in their life
  • Be ready, willing and able to work full time
  • Know that Ashkelon is SO IN right now.
  • Be hungry for success (and sometimes food)
  • Have been a sales-human at some point in the past
  • Be multi-lingual (we mean “someone who speaks more than 1 language”, not “someone who has more than 1 tongue”. Although if you do, we’d love to meet you anyway).
  • Mighty compensation
  • A seductive bonus plan
  • Prizes that wouldn’t shame a standard Olympics ceremony
  • Stylish designer walls to entertain your peepers 
  • An atmosphere that bred a vacancy ad to please the gods themselves

Conversion Agent

Are you an amazing conversion agent? Don’t waste your time earning less than you can!

Project Type Sales
Project Size 10
Completion Date Undetermined
Contract Price Individual
Client Callisto